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eBike Conversion Workshop Waitlist

Join the workshop waitlist and we will reach out to you when the next workshop will be available.

No commitment, just a simple reminder.

Sweat less and ride longer by converting a bike you already own. Just bring it to our shop and we'll help you transform it!

Your fee includes:

  • Mid-drive motor conversion kit
  • Down-tube mounted battery
  • Access to every tool you'll need
  • Step-by-step guidance from our ebike experts
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    All You Need

    A Bike

  • Triangular frame to accommodate the battery
  • No full suspension, trikes, or folding bikes this time
  • No big-box-store bikes
  • Bike must be less than 10ish years old
  • Wash your bike, clean your chain, and knock off the cobwebs before you arrive.

  • Basic Mechanical Skills

  • You don't have to be a bicycle mechanic or an electrician to upgrade your bike. We'll be there to help.
  • If you're not comfortable with an allen wrench, you should hire us to do the job.

  • The Backstory

    This is my first workshop.

    There is a huge DIY community that has been converting bikes for 20 years. Custom bike shops (like ours) are starting to pop up. I haven’t found where anyone has tried a workshop before.

    So I’m giving it a go.

    GBC is participating in the Builders + Backers Idea Accelerator to test this concept and see if it is a viable business model. We’re testing several business assumptions, one being: “Can we complete the workshop in 5 hours?”

    It takes us about 3 hours to convert a bike.

    This includes preparing the bike (wash and inspection), breaking down the bike (removing the bottom bracket, chain, pedals, cranks, front derailleur, and front gear shifter), and installing the kit (mount motor, battery, display, connect wires, test, test, test).

    Every conversion is different. Most are straightforward. Sometimes, things do come up. This may be simple, like rerouting brake cables, or complicated, like grinding down a seam inside the bottom-bracket casing.

    Occasionally, we get into the conversion and determine we cannot proceed. When this happens, we’ve saved all our parts and we reverse the process

    Our plan is to do our best to address all the issues that might arise. If your bike cannot be upgraded, I’ll refund your fee.

    If we don't finish during the workshop time, we’ll schedule a time to complete the conversion for you

    I’m excited to have you join us on this e-biking journey.


    Brent Robinson, Founder
    Greenway Bike Company

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