eBike Conversions
Riding is Fun Again!

Upcycle that bike you love and join the eBike Revolution

Why should I convert my traditional bike?

  • Starts with a high quality bike that you already love
  • Costs less than a new e-bike
  • Save money riding more and driving less
  • Ride further, more often, and get healthy
  • Avoid dangerous traffic and parking hassles
  • Commute confidently and arrive sweat-free

Conversion Kits & Batteries

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Are You in Northwest Arkansas?

We have options for you!

  1. We can convert your traditional bike at our shop.
  2. We can source a quality bike and do the upgrade for you.
  3. You can join one of our workshops and we'll do the conversion together.
"The workshop was awesome.
Amy and I converted our bikes
together. Now we ride all the
time and leave the car in the garage."
Scott M.
"I had this awesome bike just
sitting in my garage. Now
I have a new eBike. This makes riding
around town easy peasy."

Michael E.
"I can keep up with my partner
when we ride. She's not frustrated
with me going too slow, and I'm
not exhausted when we get home."

Luanne G.

My eBike Saved My Life

Brent is the founder of Greenway Bike Company


In 2019, I was unhealthy - sedentary, pre-diabetic, and struggling with sleep apnea. Not good.

When the pandemic hit, I turned to my trusty bike for exercise, but I was so out of shape that riding was miserable. 

eBikes seemed like the solution, but they were absurdly expensive, and I already had an excellent bike in my garage. 

Luckily, I discovered a DIY community that taught me how to convert my bike into an eBike. 

Fast forward seven months, and I'm 50 lbs lighter, sleeping like a baby, and riding like a pro. 

This transformation inspired me to launch Greenway Bike Company and bring eBike conversions into the mainstream. 

My goal is to get as many people as possible on eBikes and rediscover the joys of riding.

Convert Your Bike Today

Let's get you rolling in the eBike Revolution